Applications to Use to Discover New Ghanaian Songs

Do you want to stop repeating the same two songs on your playlist over and over again? Do you want to find new and authentic Ghanaian music? Then you are at the right place, read on to know and download applications that can help you discover new songs to add to your playlist.

Ghanaians love music, it’s one thing that has been with us for a very long time, even before we were colonized, we had good music. People are tired of downloading music on their mobile phones, which eventually takes half of their phone memory. That is why there are applications to help you stream any music of your choice.

Download any of the applications below to start listening to music that would help release the endorphins in your body.



Audiomack is the first streaming application on this list, because, it is easy to use, it is absolutely free unless of course, you want to use the ad-free version, which would cost you $4.99 or GHS 20.

You can stream, not only Ghanaian music but music from all over the world. Listen to reggaeton, dancehall, Rnb, Hip Hop, and more. The app also helps upcoming artist promote their amazing works. It is available on the play store and apple store. Download Audiomack and start listening to new music while promoting music from new artists.


Aftown is also an application for streaming African music. They support new and old artists by generating revenue through subscriptions and advertisements from free users. The internet-based streaming service strictly promotes African music, different genres.

Get music for as low as GHS 1.00, old songs are a bit more expensive than the new ones, you can sometimes get old songs at GHS 10.00. Users can pay with mobile money, visa, or MasterCard, all at their convenience.

Get on the play store or Apple app store.


SoundCloud helps you upload, promote, stream and share new and old songs, the application contains music from all over the world. It has a friendly user interface to help you get through whatever you are looking for easily. They have both free and paid membership.

There is free music from artists who put it out for free and the premium version costs £5.50 per monthly subscription.

Play Music App

The next application on the list is the Play Music app. A Ghanaian-based streaming service that allows you to listen to old and new Ghanaian music at a fee. There are articles and news about the Ghanaian music industry on their website as well.

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They have the student account, you can subscribe to it for a month, at GHS 6.00, the basic account goes for GHS 12.00, stream music for 45 days. The standard account goes for GHS 25.00, on which you can stream music for 2 months. The last and most expensive subscription costs GHS 50.00, it is a premium account, listen to unlimited music for 75 days.


Five years ago, Boomplay was launched in Nigeria, to help music lovers stream any genre of music of their choice, if you already have music on your mobile phone, you can play it through the application to give you a much better experience.

You will need to pay $1 for an ad-free. Discover new songs without paying anything at all, of course, unless you want an ad-free version.


Why pay for music? Why pay to listen to music you can get for free?

Not only does your money pay the websites and applications that promote the music, they sometimes pay the artist. Making music that people love is not an easy task, it demands time, resources, and passion. Artists spend a lot of money to make music, they might as well get some in return.

Hence, if you are required to pay for the music you listen to, keep it in mind that you are doing it to support the hard work of these artists, you are paying them to make good music. Imagine someone tells you that you are the one who pays your favorite artist, isn’t that fulfilling?

If none of these applications will work for you, you can always download and stream new and old music online on Ghanamotion, exclusive Gh, Hitz GH, Hitz 360, and many more. Apart from listening to good music over the internet, there are three other things you can do

If you have the passion, if you think you are good at making music, you can create beats, make music and sell it, especially the beats. By all means, someone will buy your beats. You can make a 3 or 2 minutes beat and sell it for 20 dollars and more, think about it. And there are legit applications that also pay you for listening to new music.

Keep these in mind while you discover new songs!

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