AirtelTigo Money: Register, send and Receive Money

With AirtelTigo Money, you can now send and receive money in a fast and secure channel using your mobile phone or through an agent. The service is offered by AirtelTigo in partnership with selected banks and moderated by the Bank of Ghana.

The most interesting thing about AirtelTigo Money is that there is no barrier. You can send money to anyone on any network anytime and anywhere. AirtelTigo Money is a very convenient way of sending and receiving money from family and friends.

What is AirtelTigo Money

AirtelTigo Money is a digital payment system by AirtelTigo Ghana that relies on the telecommunication network’s already existing infrastructure to make payments, send and receive money. It is a mobile financial service tailored to suit and gives answers to financial needs and facilitate a digital payment lifestyle for all subscribers on the AirtelTigo Network.

How to Register for AirtelTigo Money in Ghana 2019

There are actually two ways to register for AirtelTigo Money in Ghana. You can either go to the office for registration or you do-it-yourself.

Office Registration

For the AirtelTigo Money office registration, simply visit any nearby AirtelTigo office or any AirtelTigo customer service centre and register.


For the AirtelTigo Money self-registration process, just at the comfort of your home, dial *510# and choose option “8” to get started.

How to Send Money on AirtelTigo Money in Ghana

  1. Simply dial *100#, AirtelTigo menu will be displayed.
  2. Select option “1”, “send cash”
  3. In the space provided, enter the mobile number of the person, you are sending money to.
  4. Enter the amount of money in Ghana Cedis (Example: 20.50 or 17 or 17.00)
  5. The money will be sent; the person will receive a notification confirming to have received the amount of money.
  6. If the person is not registered, the person must show the message to any AirtelTigo agent or AirtelTigo customer care service centre to receive his or her money.
  7. The agent will then receive, an SMS stating that the transaction is successful

Note: If the transaction is unsuccessful then it means you have insufficient balance or you entered an incorrect mobile number or pin.

How to Withdraw Money on AirtelTigo Money in Ghana

Go to any AirtelTigo Money customer service centre, or anywhere you see AirtelTigo agent signboard. The agent will help you withdraw the money through the following steps.

  1. Enter *100# to access the AirtelTigo Menu.
  2. In the menu, select option “3” “withdraw Cash”
  3. Enter the “5digits” agent code or mobile number of the agent.
  4. Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw in Ghana Cedis.
  5. Enter your secret pin in the space provided.
  6. The agent will give you your cash.
  7. You will receive an SMS notifying you on the confirmation of the withdrawal, agent’s location, date and time of the transaction, your new AirtelTigo Money account balance and the reference number.

The person withdrawing the money needs to go with any valid national ID to an agent’s shop or any AirtelTigo customer service centre. If the person receiving the money is not registered on AirtelTigo Money, the person only needs to show the SMS he or she received from AirtelTigo Money as well as a valid National ID to receive his or her money.

AirtelTigo Money Charges

  1. Cashing out at an agent’s shop is 1% of amount being cashed out
  2. Cashing out on your phone is 0.5% of amount being cashed out
  3. Sending to a non-mobile user is 1.5% of the amount being sent

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