6 Businesses You Can Start in Ghana with GHS 1,000 or Less

Do you want to start a business of your own but do not have enough funds? Are you passionate about small businesses? This article will introduce you to 6 profitable businesses you can engage in with GHS 1000 or less.

With entrepreneurship, you need to be business-driven to make profits, even out of small businesses. Rolling over your profits for three months or more after setting up your business can help increase your funds, that way, you can expand your business in the future.

With GHS 1000 or less, you can start any of these 6 businesses below.

Snail Farming


With heliciculture, otherwise known as snail farming, apart from building snail pens, you need zero cash to start this business. You can handpick the snails from bushes nearby, choosing the right breed of course, which is the Achatina Achatina or the AA snails. Build a breathable and conducive snail pen with wood and net, items you may find at home.

Snails eat vegetables, so finding their feed will not be difficult. Feed them lettuce, cabbage, or any edible leafy vegetable. When taken care of, these garden snails can lay up to 800 eggs in a year. You can start your farm with 100 snails and watch them multiply.

If one snail costs GHS 6.00, imagine how much you will make at the end of the month or year. Snail business is very lucrative, and you can even start without a dime.

Popcorn business

Popcorn machines costs from GHS 500 to GHS 800, you can even choose to do it the traditional way, but, people are attracted to technology so it is wise to purchase the machine and start your small popcorn business at a strategic location where people will patronize it.

Children enjoy the snack. You can set it up in front of your compound house or behind a school building where children will notice. Should you purchase your machine at GHS 500, buy oil and kennels, and use the remaining amount of money to purchase soft drinks to go with the popcorn.

A pack of popcorn now sells at GHS 2.

With such a business, it is wise to set it up at a place where you do not have competitors, else you will not make many profits.

Crocheting business

We were all thought in primary school to use a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn to create beautiful textiles out of which we made tiny bags, caps, and blankets. In recent times, young ladies are making bikinis, skirts, and dresses out of yarns and are selling them online. A crochet thread cots just GHS10.00 with its pin at GHS 1.00

Your working materials cost GHS 11. All you need now is to be creative and make beautiful designs. Post a picture of your designs on Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp and you are in business. You do not need to open up a shop for this, just have enough social media presence and you are good to go, people will also recommend you to their friends, and voila! Your talent will start to pay.

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Fruit mix business

Fruits are a source of essential vitamins and minerals which are good for the human body. Adding fruits to your diet every day can help prevent sicknesses such as diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, etc. with a fruit mix business, you should draw a plan and target your consumers.

Buy different types of fruits, which would be less than GHS 1000, cut in cubes and package them nicely, and send them to banks and offices. First of all, talk to your potential customers, let them sign an agreement to deliver fruit mix to them every morning, after you have explained the benefits of eating fruits, especially on an empty stomach, to them.

Should they agree to this, calculate the amounts for the fruit mix plus your profit, and have them pay for a month. You will deliver the fruit mix to these people every day for one month.

This is a very lucrative business, you will help put your customer’s health in check whiles making money.

Barbecue business

Do you love eating “abochi’s” meat? Well, you can start your own barbecue business. Purchase the grill for GHS 700 or less, buy the spices and meat and you are in business.

Preferably, you can add friend pork, spicy, roasted tilapia, and banku.

This is a very lucrative business should you get the right location. You need a busy location for this business to flourish. Set it up in front of restaurants or drinking spots. People like to drink with spicy barbecue.


Do you have a passion for writing? Do you read a lot and want to share some of your knowledge with people out there? Then blogging is for you. Create a website and buy a domain name for less than GHS300.

Write interesting content that will directly attack the interest of your readers. Pay a little money for advertisement and start making so much more from the traffic your articles. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Well, you will need to be very consistent, publish about 3 to 4 articles per day and create a platform of readers, to read your content, like, and share them to generate enough traffic.

Benefits and shortcomings of having your own business

Having your own business comes with its merits. You generate revenue for yourself and for the country through the taxes you pay. You are able to provide for yourself and probably for your family.

Losses will come, it does not mean you should close down your business, you should work your way around it and find a solution.

In conclusion, being an entrepreneur comes with hard work and determination. If you are lazy, your business will fall apart, choose the right type of business, and do more research on how you can start your own small business. Good luck

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