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The world of blogging is becoming bigger and better as days fade out due to the ever-increasing demand for online content. Today, the internet has become the number one source of information which necessitate more webmasters.

Bloggers and other content writers today have proven to be the most valuable assets in this century due to their curative content writing and the power of the content management platform that allows them to get their words heard online.

Today many opportunities have been created on the blogging arena. Well established bloggers make 4 to 5 figure income from their blogging sphere. Each day, not less than 100 new blogs are created to add up to the already existing ones.


Individuals who are new to the blogging community always finds it difficult to choose the right platform to start a blog because of the numerous blogging platform available. Blogging newbies in most case end up choosing the wrong platform to start a blog which can have an adverse effect on their blogging career in the near future.

As an aspiring blogger, it’s good to know that, there are many platforms that you can use to create your blog/website. A platform such as BlogSpot, WordPress, Webley, Joomla, medium etc. are some of the available content management platforms for blogging. Among these platforms, the best and most widely one is WordPress.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a free open source content management software developed by a combination of both static and PHP codes. It has over millions of community user. Most of these users have turned to be major contributors to the platform since is an open-source platform. With the availability of plugins and portfolio website themes, WordPress gives you the best looking blog with an improved user interface. Almost all blogs on the internet today are powered by WordPress.

As a new/startup blogger, there are many reasons you should choose WordPress as your blogging platform. These reasons are what made the platform the best and continue to be the ultimate choice in the blogging community.

Even though we can take our time and explain to you as more and more reasons why you should use the WordPress platform as your blogging space, we have limited our discussion to only three.

In this article, we’ll talk on the 3 reasons you should choose WordPress as your blogging platform. So without wasting further time, below are three reasons every blogger should choose WordPress as their blogging platform.

  • It’s free and easy to setup
  • It has a big community
  • There are many free and paid themes to choose from

It’s free and easy to setup

As mentioned, WordPress is a free open source platform which makes it free to use. You can download and install WordPress, customize to suit your likings. There are no charges involve in using the WordPress platform. What you’ll need is a web hosting and a domain before you get your site up and running. The good part of these platforms that, it’s integrated by almost all the Webhosting companies and offers a one-click WordPress installation on their cPanel. This means, once you purchase your hosting and connect your domain, you don’t have to worry about manual downloading and installing the software. With just a click of a button, you can install and set up your blogging site right from the cPanel.

It Has a Big Community

WordPress is powered by Automattic. Automattic offers two types of WordPress users across the world, that’s wordpress.com and wordpress.org. The WordPress.com is a hosted platform while WordPress.org is a non-hosted platform. Being a user of any of these type of WordPress makes you part of the bigger WordPress community.

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A recent report shows that about 32.3% of the blogs on the internet are powered by WordPress and what this means is that, close to 60 million blogs are running on the WordPress platform. Big brands such as New York Times Blogs, CNN, PlayStation, and TechCrunch uses WordPress as their operating platforms and this should tell you that, is a right platform for your consideration when it comes to blogging. Unlike other blogging platforms, with WP, there are a large variety of forums and communities that you can easily get help with any problem that you may encounter when using WordPress.

Individuals with coding and programming knowledge help in the improvement of the platform. They contribute to the creation of the themes and plugins of which most are free and can be install, use from the WordPress directory.

There are Many Free and Paid Themes to Choose From

Themes and plugins are what makes the WordPress blogging platform the best. Today there are millions of free and paid themes and plugins that you can use to customize your site the way you want. Most of these themes and plugins are free to use. In most case, the free themes and plugins give you a great outcome and can be used for monetization. With WordPress templates for business and plugins, one does not need any coding or programming knowledge to customize a blog. Also, being free open-source software, anyone can continue to the development of the WordPress platform and this was why it’s still the leading platform online when it comes to the creation of blogs and websites in the world.

Final words

In recent times, many blogging and web developments platforms are available for the creation of blogs and website. Most of this software is either complicated or has few functionalities when it comes to blogging. If you are looking to start a blog without much spending, facing technical issues or don’t want to deal with changing codes, then WordPress may be your number one go platform.

Hope this article will serve as an eye-opener to why you should choose WordPress as your blogging platform. You can read more and get much understanding of the WordPress platform before you can start your blog.

Also if you have no time or don’t want to go through the installation and designing of your WordPress blog, you can contact me or any of the team for the service as a small charge.

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