2019 price of Adepa GTP in Ghana

Textiles printing has been a traditional craft in Ghana for centuries. It is a vibrant, colorful art form that is still in demand today. From traditional kente cloths to modern couture, Ghanaian textiles are known for their unique designs and detailed patterns.

In 1966, the GTP factory was named Ghana Textiles Printing Company Limited. Ghana Government in the year 1976 assumed the majority shareholder while United African Company controls the management. In 1994, Unilever took over management control. Gamma Holding in 1998 bought Unilever’s position in the company. The companies name was changed to TEX STYLES GHANA LTD in the year 2004. In 2010, the Actis Group bought 100% shares from Vlisco Group

The GTP brand is made up of two companies which are Tex Styles Limited (TSG) and Premium African Textiles Company Limited (PAT). Text Styles Limited prints GTP products while Premium African Textiles creates the designs, distributes, and sees to the selling and marketing of the product. The two companies belong to the world textile giant Vlisco BV which has its headquarters in Helmond.

Types of GTP fabrics


Nu Style

1. Adepa

Class, Elegance, timelessness — Adepa is a combination of these characteristics. The fabrics with this brand bring out an effortless style with permanent beauty needing no high maintenance. 

2. Nsroma

This type focuses on culture. It was designed to mimic the beauty and uniqueness of our culture. The range of products Nsroma brings is assured to provide the best for that special occasion.

3. Nu Style

NuStyle is about color, energy, and making a statement. This brand is about color and energy and drawing of attention. It is for the bold and confidence since it speaks out one desire for style. 

4. Safoa

GTP Safoa is targeted at the discerning
consumer who wants a simple African print
and people who celebrate the birth of a child
or some other joyous occasion. It is a wax
print that comes in just the base colour.

2019 price of Adepa GTP in Ghana

The price of GTP in 2019 was around GHS 10 per yard. Depending on how many yards you want, you then calculate the amount you will spend in getting your GTP fabric. Prices varies based on where you will buy your fabric and the type of GTP you want to purchase. But the average price of GTP per yard in 2019 was approximately GHS 10.

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Factors that affected the price of GTP in 2019

Throughout the year 2019, there were several factors that had an impact on the price of Adepa GTP.

  1. Global economic factors, such as increasing trade tensions, have had a direct impact on the price of Adepa GTP fabric.
  2. The demand for Adepa GTP fabric was high in 2019, which led to an increase in prices.
  3. The cost of raw materials used to make Adepa GTP fabric was higher in 2019, which also drove up the prices.
  4. The exchange rates between different countries also affected the prices of Adepa GTP fabric in 2019.
  5. The market conditions in 2019, including the overall economic climate, also played a role in impacting the prices of Adepa GTP fabric.
  6. Regulations, such as environmental regulations, also played a role in the cost of Adepa GTP fabric. Companies had to comply with the regulations in order to stay in business, and the cost of doing so is often passed on to the consumer in the form of higher prices.


The prices of Adepa GTP fabric in 2019 were abit higher and competitive compared to other fabrics in the market. This was likely due to the increased cost of raw materials, as well as volatile global markets. Till now, Adepa GTP fabric remains a popular choice for a variety of design projects, as it is both affordable and highly durable. With its wide range of colors and textures, Adepa GTP fabric is sure to remain a staple in the industry for years to come.

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