UCC Short Courses 2018 for Farmers, NGO’s and Organized groups

UCC Short Courses 2018 for Farmers, NGO’s and Organized groups

Pig farming as a businessAugust, 6-10
  • Established pig farmers,
  • Beginners in the industry,
  • Those interested in going into pig farming,
  • Those managing pig farms,
  • Teachers/instructors of pig production in the various secondary and technical schools
  • Selecting foundation/breeding stock for pigs
  • Preparing and feeding pigs from farrowing to maturity
  • Managing pregnant and lactating sows
  • Managing piglets and fattening growers for market
  • Preparing a simple housing unit for pigs
  • Preventing and controlling diseases in pigs
  • Preparing various products from pigs
  • Preparing simple budget and business plan for funding
5 days1000
Plant protection and quarantineAugust, 6-10Staff of the following institutions:

    • Plant Protection and Regulatory Services Directorate
    • Customs Excise and Preventive Service
    • Immigration Service
    • Environmental Protection Agency
    • Ministry of Agriculture
    • Plant Inspectors

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