Pumped Muscles of the Abs – the Real Reason That She Will Agree on a Date

Once we received a letter from our reader. He wrote: “I urgently need to get a six-pack as soon as possible, I understand how it sounds, and even expect to hear in advance that this is impossible and time will be needed. But maybe there is a way to optimize this process as much as possible? I’m ready for any changes in the way of life! “.

With further correspondence, it turned out that this guy (let’s call him John), wandering the Internet in search of a place where you can meet ukrainian bride, still achieved his goal. He had a long conversation with a girl who would soon arrive in the United States (now she is studying in France) and they will be able to see and go on a date. This girl every day admired John’s athletic figure! And especially the abs! And John, as a wise man, did not say that the photos in his profile are old – they were made two years ago. Now there was only a nondescript ghost left from his abs.

Ok, John. Of course, a quality abdominal cannot be built in a day, but if you optimize your time in a day to achieve this goal, everything will turn out much faster and better. Rob Blair, a former commando of the British special forces, and now a ruthless fitness trainer, believes that great abs are not the result of daily training of the muscles. “The result is more dependent on your habits and actions in the hours that are left from training,” says Rob.

We have made you a special hourly plan that will help to drive off excess fat from the abdomen and pump up the cubes.

7:00 – Wake up!

Waking up, turn on your back, press your chin to your chest and, rounding your back, rise up, not helping yourself with your hands. At the peak of contraction of the abdominal muscles stay for two seconds. This will awaken the muscle fibers of your future abs and set it up for active work throughout the day. Most likely, from the side, it will look as if you are about to give birth to an Alien or you are possessed by a demon. If someone can become an involuntary witness of your awakening, warn him or her in advance that these are just exercises for the abs.. Perhaps you will be believed.

7:05 – Run!

Only one thing really separates you from the traced abdominals – subcutaneous fat. Take care of its destruction with the help of a 45-minute run. And try to run big steps. “The longer the step you do, the more active the cortex is during running,” says coach Rob.

8:30 – Drink that milk!

After returning home, immediately drink 250 ml of not very fatty milk. “Whey protein in milk will immediately build muscle, and casein will provide them with amino acids for many more hours,” explains Andre José, a researcher at McMaster University in Canada.

9:15 – Tear off the heels off the floor when they talk to you, son!

During the working day, every time someone calls you, tear off the heels off the floor and keep your feet on the weight until the conversation ends. The longer the conversation, the longer your abdominal muscles will be in a state of static tension.

11:00 – Defeat hunger.

Take from the house a couple of sandwiches: one with tuna, and the second with peanut butter. Eat the first at 11 o’clock, and the second – at 15, to overcome catabolism and protect yourself from the temptation to intercept something sweet before lunch. Remember that sweet is the main enemy of your abs!

13:00 – Circumference training on the abdominal muscles

  1. Bicycle lying on the floor
  2. Abs twist on Fitball
  3. Lifting the knees on the uneven bars

Researchers from the University of San Diego have determined that these three exercises recruit the largest number of muscle fibers of the abs. Do 10-20 repetitions of each exercise, doing them in a circle with a minimum of rest, but better without it at all. Do 3-5 circles per workout. Training can be conducted 4-6 times a week.

Rest of the day – eat and have sex

Cook a salad of watercress – this is an excellent source of calcium, which strengthens the body and activates the processes of fat burning. Eat a vegetable salad for dinner and a small piece of lean fish or white meat. If you have the opportunity to have sex – do not miss it. This will be good for your abs.

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