Price of Benz E350 in Ghana

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is one of the most popular luxury vehicles in Ghana. For many Ghanaians, owning a Mercedes Benz is a symbol of success and status.

The E350, in particular, stands out with its powerful V6 engine, plush interior and smooth handling. Its premium quality comes at a high price point that not everyone can afford.

Price of Benz E350 in Ghana

2023Mercedes-Benz C-ClassNewGH₵ 700,000 – GH₵ 1,000,000
2022Mercedes-Benz E-ClassNewGH₵ 600,000 – GH₵ 800,000
2021Mercedes-Benz S-ClassUsedGH₵ 400,000 – GH₵ 600,000
2020Mercedes-Benz C-ClassUsedGH₵ 300,000 – GH₵ 500,000
2019Mercedes-Benz E-ClassUsedGH₵ 200,000 – GH₵ 400,000
2018Mercedes-Benz S-ClassHeavily UsedGH₵ 150,000 – GH₵ 300,000
2017Mercedes-Benz C-ClassHeavily UsedGH₵ 100,000 – GH₵ 200,000
2016Mercedes-Benz S-ClassHeavily UsedGH₵ 50,000 – GH₵ 100,000
2015Mercedes-Benz E-ClassHeavily UsedGH₵ 30,000 – GH₵ 50,000
2014Mercedes-Benz S-ClassHeavily UsedGH₵ 20,000 – GH₵ 30,000

Factors affecting the price of Benz E350 in Ghana

Import Costs and Taxes Drive Up the Base Price

As an imported vehicle, the base price of the E350 is subject to shipping fees, import duties and other taxes that make up a significant portion of the retail price. Import duties on cars can be as high as 35% in Ghana. On top of that, VAT and other levies add another 15-20%. This bumps up the pre-tax price substantially.

Weak Ghanaian Cedi Leads to Higher Markups

Most cars are imported to Ghana using the US dollar or other foreign currencies. The weak Ghanaian Cedi exchange rate leads to higher conversion prices. Currency depreciation over the years has continuously forced dealers to increase retail prices to maintain profit margins. This has made luxury cars significantly more expensive.

Demand Exceeds Supply for Top Brands Like Mercedes

In Ghana, demand for premium automobiles exceeds supply. Mercedes enjoys widespread popularity and availability is limited for the latest models. When supply is constrained, dealers can charge higher prices, knowing customers have limited options. The E350 is in high demand, which inflates its price.

Dealers Factor in Maintenance and Repair Costs

Part of the premium pricing of the E350 accounts for its higher maintenance and repair costs. As a performance luxury vehicle, replacing parts and specialized service can be extremely expensive in Ghana. Dealers price in these potential long-term costs and customers end up paying more upfront.

Extra Options, Packages and Features Add to the Price

The base price only accounts for standard equipment and features. Most dealers offer additional options like premium sound systems, interior upgrades, rims, etc. These options can tally up quickly, adding another 10-15% or more to the car’s price. Customers need to assess whether the add-ons are worth the additional cost.

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Vehicle Condition Significantly Affects Resale Value

A used E350 can vary greatly in price depending on factors like mileage, accident history and maintenance records. Models with very low miles and verifiable service history can fetch much higher prices. Heavily-used models or those with incident history will be priced lower. Condition is king when buying used.


The retail price of the Mercedes Benz E350 in Ghana reflects a range of factors from taxes and import costs to supply and demand dynamics. For buyers, having a complete understanding of these factors can help negotiate the best deal. But even at a premium price point, the E350 remains an aspirational vehicle for Ghanaians seeking luxury combined with performance and status. Its high valuation will continue to be dictated by broader economic conditions and market forces.

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