New report reveals negative perceptions of the Ghanaian Healthcare System

Survey54, a mobile survey platform aimed at Africa and the emerging markets, have produced a report which investigates the perspectives and expectations of Ghanaians, with regards to the quality, accessibility and delivery of healthcare services in Ghana.

They have utilised mobile technology paired with Artificial Intelligence, which has revealed an overall negative perception of the Ghanaian healthcare system.

This data is key as it suggests that there are many improvements to be made by the government, despite the numerous interventions implemented over the years, aimed at refining the healthcare system.

With problems such as negligence concerning the accessibility of healthcare services in rural areas, it is no wonder that there is a generally negative perception of the service a whole.

What are the key findings?

A group of 250 people aged between 18-40 years, all resident in Accra, were surveyed from a range of socio-economic backgrounds, as to ensure diversity within the sample.

Responses show that over 60% of participants lacked confidence in doctors & nurses and another 82% failed to trust the quality of medicines sold at local pharmacies.

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When asked which they preferred, respondents expressed more confidence in private hospitals, due to the minimal wait times and higher customer satisfaction, despite the fact that they provide a similar quality of healthcare at a higher price. Additionally, most respondents failed to believe that the government is doing enough to improve the overall quality of healthcare in Ghana.

Finally, Survey54 concludes the report by providing suggestive points, based on the highlighted inconsistencies, which could improve the public’s perception of Ghana’s national healthcare service.

This includes the need for the government to exercise consistency when implementing policy, relevant to the healthcare system. There is also room for the development of private-public sector partnerships along with the improvement of healthcare financing strategies, amongst other things.

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