MTN Fiber BroadBand: The Fastest Internet Connection In Ghana

The entire world is currently running on the internet. I can proudly say that the most successful companies on the surface of this earth have more than 50% of the company running on the internet.

The Internet has made life itself very smarter and easier. It is also the source of many job opportunities. The Internet is very important and because of that, it has become very important to get connected.

What is it that you think about the most when paying an internet bill?

Is it data speed, data volume or both?

I have already listed the number of 4G networks we have in Ghana right now. From cheapest to fastest.

Today I would like to introduce something special; the fastest internet connection in Ghana so far:

MTN Fiber BroadBand

Fibre BroadBand is an internet connection which runs on Fiber-optics (fibre-optics) cable. These cables are like strings of glass just a bit thicker than the human hair and according to research, these cables are capable of transmitting data 30 times faster than the traditional copper cables.

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Because the data transmitted through these cables is super lightning fast, the cables are very expensive.

Most Telcos in Ghana can’t provide this super fast internet service hence making MTN the only Telco providing this service at the moment.

With MTN Fiber BroadBand, it is no longer about what they have for you but rather what you want. Meaning you can get data speed if that is what you value most when paying for internet and you can equally get data volume if that is what you value most or you can just get a combo of both speed and volume if that is how you want it.


There are two main packages when requesting for the MTN Fiber Broadband. Business and Residential

Business (Unlimited Volume)

The Business package gives you an unlimited volume but speed is metered so the more speed you want the higher you pay so if you want up to the maximum which is 60Mbps, you will be getting super fast internet with unlimited volume.

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Meaning you are billed per month not based on how much data you have consumed but how fast your internet was throughout the month. One time installation fee with free router is GHS 500

Residential (Metered volume)

The residential package comes with unlimited speed where you can get all the 60Mbps speed without any limitation.

However the data volume is capped. You choose the amount of data bundle you want to purchase and for as low as GHS 20, you can browse on this super fast internet connection. Residential comes with GHS 150 one time installation fee and free router.

What is the fastest Internet connection in Ghana?

Those who use 4G networks in Ghana will bear with me that they hardly get even 30Mbps data speed.

With MTN Fiber Broadband connection, we are talking about constant up to 60Mbps speed which is way faster than most of the 4G networks in Ghana.

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For more information on how to get this service and the pricing of the data bundles, you can visit any walk-in MTN Service Center or call 100.

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