List of Law Schools in Ghana

Law schools are considered to be institutions that train, educate and develop law practitioners who will eventually be able to offer their services in the court of justice as well as other legal niches.

In the United States, there are over 200 law schools with each state having at least one school of law, if not more.

Law schools in Ghana play an important role in educating students to become lawyers and in providing legal education as well as training to students who want to specialise in certain areas of law such as, family law, commercial law, intellectual property rights among others.

Why choose law?


Law is a noble profession that is often underappreciated and underrated. Choosing law as a career path will lead to long-term security, but it also offers short-term enjoyment and satisfaction. There are many factors to consider when choosing a career path, but the most important considerations are your own happiness and satisfaction.

Is it easy to become a lawyer in Ghana?

Becoming a lawyer is not easy in Ghana. The requirements are strict and they are hard to meet. First, you have to be a graduate from an accredited university with a degree either in law or another related field.

You also need three years of work experience, which is difficult for most people to acquire before the age of 27. But even if you do meet these requirements, there are only about 10 jobs available per year for new graduates, so the competition is fierce.

Are law schools in Ghana the best?

Law schools are a great way to ensure your career path is solid. But if you’re looking for the best law schools, then you should know that there are more than just one.

In fact, there are dozens of law schools throughout Ghana and even more outside the country. If you’re considering studying abroad, then it might be worth looking at a list of law schools in Ghana before making your decision.

List of law schools in Ghana

  1. Ghana School of Law
  2. Wisconsin International University College – Faculty of Law
  3. University of Ghana School of Law
  4. UPSA Bachelor of Law (LLB)
  5. Mountcrest University College – Faculty of Law.
  6. GIMPA Faculty of Law.
  7. UCC Faculty of Law.
  8. KNUST Faculty of Law
  9. Central University College – Faculty of Law
  10. Zenith University College – Faculty of Law
  11. Kings University College – Faculty of Law.
  12. Lancaster University, Ghana – Faculty of Law.
  13. Ghana Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.

Becoming a lawyer in Ghana

In order to become a law student in any of the law schools in Ghana, you need to obtain a 4 years duration first degree in any recognised institution in Ghana.

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After your first degree, you may gain entry into one of the named institutions to study for a law degree – the LLB (2-year duration). After obtaining the LLB (subject to certain conditions), you may qualify to enrol in the Ghana School of Law for the Professional Law Course (2-year duration).

How many law schools are in Ghana?

In total, we have 13 law schools in Ghana. 12 Universities offering law degree and 1 grand law school (Ghana School of Law) where you finalize yourself.

Before qualifying for the Ghana School of Law, you need an undergraduate law qualification form any of the 12 universities listed above. After completing, you then head to Ghana School of Law for proper certification.

How many years does it take to study law in Ghana?

It can take one 6 years to become a lawyer in Ghana. That is if you start from SHS till you finish Ghana School of Law. If you already have your first degree before wanting to study law, then the number of years for your completion depends on the degree you obtained. Some could take you two years, others 3 years and 4 years at most.

How to Become a Lawyer

  1. Identify a law school and apply.
  2. Pass the Law School Admission Test.
  3. Complete a Bachelor’s Degree Program.
  4. Pass the Bar Examination.

How much do lawyers earn in Ghana?

Salary for the majority of Lawyers in Ghana ranges from GHS 730 – GHS 6,775 per month.


Becomimg a lawyer is a great profession which demands lots of hard work and sacrifices especially in a country like Ghana. So if thats your dream pathway, then be readily prepared. The above article is enough to be your guide for the time being.

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