3 “Investment Schemes” that robbed Ghanaians in 2018

2018 has not been an easy year at all, especially from people who have looked at investing, both online and offline.

If you think offline was safe, you clearly have not heard about MenzGold and how some people have been trying to retrieve their cash.

However, the fake online schemes have really put tears on the eyes of a lot of Ghanaians. We look at 3 of such schemes as we hope for a better 2019.

In this Article:


Probably the one that gained the most coverage after earnit, Boostpal had a lot of people crying and a few others laughing and looking for the next scheme.

This scheme run away a few months after starting and just a few weeks after introducing packages that were very attractive and promised to pay more.

They later set up other schemes like viewdime but these ones came crashing down almost immediately.


This EarnIt Investment app made people believe that they were participating in some donation program because they let people donate money to other members once they register with the app.

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Once you donate the money, you need to notify the person personally to verify he/she received your payment.

If that person doesn’t verify that, then you are matched with another member and need to donate again. So, your first donation got rip off.

Well, somewhere in March 2018, this scheme also came crashing down with a lot of woes on social media.

They tried to do a comeback, possibly to milk more people but that didn’t work quite well.


OmanGh Trust fund was described by it’s website as “a peer to peer online financial community that gives 100% interest on all donations within 1-5 days”.

It had packages like Gemstone, Bronze and Diamond that were supposedly able to give returns of GHS 150, GHS 300 and GHS 750 after investments of GHS 100, GHS 200, GHS 500 respectively.

According to their website, their aim was to create a platform that gives all participants an avenue to enjoy a higher standard of living.

Like you guessed, shortly after they came into being, they had to wind up and the only people who enjoyed this higher standard of living was apparently their creators.

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What other schemes do you know of that have ripped Ghanaians off? Hopefully, in 2019, boys will look sharp and not fall victim to these schemes.

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