How to Kiss your Partner Romantically [10 Simple Tips]

Kissing is generally an act of showing affection. It is a way to connect to your partner on an intimate level.

Usually, it doesn’t matter how you kiss your partner, as long as you reach that peak of intimacy.

However, there are a few things you can learn to spice up your kissing game to make your partner yearn for you every other moment. We will guide you with ten simple tips to kiss your partner passionately.


Take the guide;

Keep a Fresh Breath

Bad breath can be an inconvenience every day of your life, but more when you want to get intimate with your partner.

It has many causes that can be diagnosed and treated by your dentist. Still, if you cannot afford the treatment, there are other things you can do to minimize the effect of halitosis.

First, you will need to brush your teeth day and night regularly.

Before you kiss your partner:

  • Brush your teeth.
  • Chew some sugar-free mint gum.
  • Suck on mint candy but throw them out before kissing your partner.

This will help keep your breath fresh and have you more confident.

Use a Lip Balm

No one enjoys kissing dry and flaky lips, so you need to use a lip balm to exfoliate and remove dead dry skin on your lips, preferably an hour before you kiss your partner.

This will help keep your lips soft and supple. Lip balms are small and portable, and you can carry them with you everywhere you go. Men can use lip balms as well.

The Perfect Atmosphere

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Regular kisses can happen anywhere, but a sensual and romantic kiss needs a stage.

A stage that comes with dim lights, fresh air, and sensuous talks. Such an atmosphere allows your partner to give you consent and makes the kiss memorable.

Start Slowly

Starting a kiss slowly and perhaps picking up the pace after a few minutes is romantic.

Start with soft feathery kisses, probably from the cheeks to the lips. After a few soft kisses, back up and look at your partner for consent.

Your partner will consent to you by doing either of these two things: stare at your lips or move in to kiss you. Keep the slow pace for a minute or two before changing it.

Use Your Hands

When your and your partner’s lips meet, it creates a beautiful sensation, one you wouldn’t want to stop. Still, when hands come in, it becomes more sensual and unforgettable.

While kissing your partner, you can place your hands on their cheeks and rub gently on their neck and arms.

This gives a more intimate and welcoming feel to the kiss. Depending on where you both want the kiss to lead, hands can find their way onto thighs and hips, chest, and lower back.

Know the Rhythm

Learn to follow each other’s lead when kissing. Tilt your head and keep moving it in a continuous slow wave. Find your partner’s flow and go with it. All while with your eyes closed. After all, the best things are felt with the eyes closed.

Surprise Your Partner

It is essential to surprise your partner every time you kiss, especially if you are new to this whole relationship thing.

Find new ways to kiss your partner and put it to practice. It shows your partner that you are constantly finding new ways to love them, and it shows that you care for them. Go with the flow but surprise them.

Look them in the Eye.

After a few minutes of kissing your partner, pull back and look them in the Eye. Keep their cheeks in your hands and say something nice to them.

There are many different ways to tell someone you love them, do that and wait. Catch your breath with this gesture and fall back in. This time around, kiss your partner with intent. Act on whatever you said to them during the small break.


Moaning during a kiss does not only indicate that you are enjoying the kiss, and it is also a green light that helps your partner give more into the moment.

It’s sexy and an incredible turn-on for your partner. Never be shy to moan during a kiss, and just don’t do it too loudly. For men, a slow and soft grunt will do just the job.

Did You Enjoy it?

At the end of a romantic and sensual kiss, your partner will love to know if you enjoyed the kiss. A simple compliment, a soft kiss on the forehead, and even a smile will do. If your partner wants the kiss, they will look forward to it every day.


Kissing your partner passionately is a must-do in a relationship. You both need that connection, that subtle act of intimacy, to keep your love for each other going. Don’t be scared to kiss your partner, and it will do your good physically and psychologically. Don’t be scared to kiss your crush, either. Just do it!

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