How to get Good Accommodation to buy or rent in Accra

Searching for a good apartment or room to rent or buy in Accra can be a real hustle, especially if you do not have anyone to talk to. Sometimes people just step out to go room hunting and return exhausted and hopeless. You’re probably here because you do not want to go through all of that.

What are some of the important things you need to consider before renting a room or buying a house? First and foremost, the neighborhood. A lot of people say, “oh I don’t really care about the neighborhood”, “the price is good, don’t worry about the neighborhood”. That is wrong, the vicinity you find your house in is very important.

If you’re an introvert, a noisy environment is not the right place to be. If you’re a clean freak or a germophobic, a “zongo” is a no-go area. Always look at the neighborhood, it’s important. The second thing, do enough inquiries, ask around, for the particular room or house you want, how much does it cost? Ask from two or three different places so that you’ll not be duped.


Ask yourself if the place is spacious enough.

You’re probably getting impatient now. Below are websites and places you can trust to find the apartment of your choice, that will meet your expectations. Our top picks are;


MeQasa calls itself the largest property website. In 2013, two entrepreneurs founded MeQasa and created an online platform to help brokers, landlords, the real estate industry, and individuals who are looking for good accommodation to sell, buy and do business over the internet. On the website, you will find offices, apartments, and houses for rent and sale in all parts of Accra like Tesano, Cantonments, East Legon, Tema, Dzorwulu, Spintex Road, and Osu.

They sell cars as well. Their business is not only limited to Ghana. They have apartments and condos in Manila, the Philippines, Tanzania, Nigeria, Angola, and Myanmar. Get in contact with agents and landowners directly. You can adjust your preference to create the perfect kind of place you want.

For more information, call MeQasa on 050 686 6060

Or visit their office on 23 Kofi Annan Avenue, North Legon, Accra.

Email: [email protected]

Mirage Residence

Mirage Residence is located at liberation road in the airport residence, a conductive and luxurious environment to rent or buy a fully furnished apartment. 1, 2,4, or 4 bedroom apartments with the perfect combination of modern architecture. They say that you can pay 35%, get your keys and either rent or stay in your apartment and pay the rest with a 24-month payment plan.

They’re already discussing your payment plan! Legit much? Who wouldn’t want a spacious, beautifully designed apartment to rent at a place like the Airport Residential Area? I know I do.

Call them on 020 174 6033 for more information

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Email: [email protected]

Go to their office at Senchi Street, Airport residential area.


Renthauz is an online property management company, where you can find decent apartments, houses, rooms, shops, offices, and warehouses in Eastern, Central, Greater Accra, and Ashanti regions of Ghana. Like Tonaton and Olx, they provide rent solutions. You can contact landlords and agents directly after choosing the type of room or house you prefer.

After talking to the agents, you can discuss legal fees, agent commission, and everything else. All Renthauz does is advertise empty apartments to prospective buyers.

Mobile: 024 156 2530/ 050 699 0358

Location: human rights road, Kasoa- Opeikuma

Email: [email protected]

Jiji and Tonaton, or the traditional method

Jiji and Tonaton are two other websites you can visit to see an array of empty apartments, talk to agents and landlords to discuss terms. You can get rooms for as low as GHS 50 a month. They well other things as well, like cars, electrical appliances, mobile phones and more.

If you think these websites are not legit for business, you can still use the traditional method, go out there and look for an apartment on your own. Make inquiries, talk to people who know landowners. There are many flats at Tema for rent and sale. It may be quite expensive, but it doesn’t hurt to enquire.

Other places to find expensive and spacious apartments are;

  • Turquaz residence
  • Clifton court
  • Iriz apartment
  • Aurora apartments
  • Green views

If you do not want to go through all that hustle of going around all day looking for a place, then the websites are just your thing. The images of different parts of the apartments are presented on the sites, you can sit at the comfort of your home, look through them and compare prices all day.

As for the price of renting, it is quite expensive here in Accra, considering the fact that it is the capital city and it is very populated. But hey, who doesn’t want to live in the capital city? Accra is the New York of Ghana, “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”.

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