How to forget about someone you Love

Forgetting about someone you love is one of the most challenging tasks in ending a relationship. It doesn’t matter if it was a solid and serious relationship or an unhealthy attachment.

What you need to establish before you continue reading this article is to know that forgetting someone doesn’t mean that you will stop loving them immediately or that you will not miss them.

These things take time. We will take you through the process and teach you a few things about how to forget someone you still love.



The first and most important thing to do when trying to forget someone you have loved is to accept the reality that it is over between the two of you.

The special bond you have once shared is over. Denial will only hurt you the more, and that is how the brain works. You need to accept that this person wasn’t for you, but that doesn’t make you less than a man or woman.

Normalize missing this person but not acting on the thought. You can’t forget someone if you keep going back at the slightest idea of them; it will make you look and feel vulnerable.

Forgive Yourself

The next thing you need to do when trying to forget someone you love is to forgive yourself, especially if it’s a one-sided love in an unhealthy attachment.

You need to forgive and tell yourself that it wasn’t wrong for you to love, no matter who it is or what they did to you, and forgive this person for not treating you the right way. Also, forgive this relationship for not working out.

 Feelings of anger don’t allow you to forgive someone you love. Pretending not to miss them and being angry that they didn’t choose you will only worsen matters. Forgive, and you can start to move on.

Speak your Mind for the Last Time

Sometimes you will not be able to forget someone you love because you haven’t had the chance to speak your mind to them for the last time.

If it is a whole speech you need to write, do it. Sometimes when you have the last say, it makes you feel lighter.

Tell this person how much you loved them and still love them, point out all the times they made you happy and how much you will miss them, and finally apologize for the relationship not being able to work out in both your favors.

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This peace comes from speaking out all in your heart to your person. It is like finally putting down a load you have been carrying for a long time.


Self-care can mean loving and taking care of yourself a little bit more. Discovering a better version of yourself makes it easier for you to let go of past circumstances.

Self-care also allows you to recognize that you are worth more than you think.

Follow a healthy lifestyle, do things that are pleasing to you for a change, think about yourself, and let go of all bad habits. Break off contact with this person and keep items that remind you of them at bay.

Speaking your mind to them for the last time is one thing, but do not try to over-explain yourself. Self-love is choosing not to explain yourself to people bent on misunderstanding you. Find your worth and move on.

Allow Yourself to Grieve

After speaking to the person for the last time, break off all contact, and allow yourself to grieve their loss. Allow yourself to feel, miss, and let them go because you love them.

Be depressed, be in denial sometimes, accept sometimes but don’t make it evident to them.

Do these at your own time and convenience, cry and let it all out, think about what happened between you, and label all the parts that you need to change or polish before entering into a new relationship.

It is important to face what might break you, making it a little easier. Grieve their loss and come back a better person.

Time Heals

When all is said and done, you need to rely on time to heal your wounds. You have been able to patch yourself up, but you need time to heal completely.

Keep busy, go to work, make new acquaintances, do something good for yourself, be kind to people, and do all you can to while away time.

Be a better version of yourself and learn to be happy, especially with your own company. Believe it or not, there is an absolute joy in solitude.

Forgetting someone is easier said than done. It can take a long time, years even, but you will not be able to ignore them until you start taking action.

Delete that picture you took with them on that vacation, break off contact with them, love yourself a little more, and leave the rest for time.

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