Ghana’s first Business Drama Series – SOLUTIONS is now streaming on YouTube

SOLUTIONS, the first ever Business Drama Series in Ghana premiered on TV Screens across Ghana on Wednesday, 13th December 2017.

Thousands of Ghanaians watched the premier which featured Fiifi Coleman (Kofi Ganah), Christine Mary Kaley (Ama Ganah) and Akofa Edjeani (Mama Sweet) among others.

In Ghana, most Small and Medium scale enterprises (SMEs) fall within the informal sector, employing up to 80% of the labour force. Out of this, the majority are employed in agribusiness. These SMEs need to be educated and oriented to grow and deepen their businesses.

The Series, which showcases a day in the life of the business consultancy (SOLUTIONS), as it exhibits good business etiquette and practices aims to educate the Ghanaian populace, particularly entrepreneurs and SME business owners on the best business practices.

At the same time, as the series unfolds week after week, we will see how SOLUTIONS interacts with its clients (other SMEs), gaining critical insight into their trials, successes, and how they eventually grow.

Due to the massive reception, the show enjoyed during its premiere, it will now be available for all to watch on KENTE TV YouTube Channel.

A new episode will be available every Wednesday on the YouTube Channel. Subscribe to the KENTE TV YouTube Channel to watch now.

Here is Episode One of SOLUTIONS, dubbed Start Up:

SOLUTIONS was produced by Kwame Boadi and Oliver Safo and was directed by Kwame Boadi.

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