Contemporary Approaches to Safe, Healthy and Quality Fruit and Vegetable Production

The Institute of Applied Science and Technology, College of Basic and Applied Sciences, University of Ghana, has developed four modular courses under the project “Contemporary Approaches to Safe, Healthy and Quality Fruit and Vegetable Production”. This was done with funding from the Skills Development Fund, Phase II. The course seeks to build the capacity of farmers in protected and controlled environment agriculture in Envirodome Greenhouse Farming.

The target groups for this short course are fruits and vegetable farmers. Please find below a synopsis on each module:

Module 1: Overview of Controlled Environment Agriculture: This module will introduce you to the history of greenhouse fruits and vegetable production and its importance, production of fruits and vegetables in a controlled environment, how to raise seedling in greenhouse conditions and the importance of plant breeding.

Module 2: Plant Protection: This module will introduce you to diseases in fruits and vegetables, identifying and eradicating diseases and integrated diseases management, plant viruses and their importance, how some viruses are transmitted and approach to managing plant viral diseases.

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Module 3: Entrepreneurship: This module will teach you all you need to know about what an entrepreneurship is and how to identify and use opportunities that exist in the fruits and vegetable market.

Module 4: Farming as a Business: You do not want to miss this module if you are interested in running a farm business. This section will introduce you to relevant things to in undertaking farm budgeting, farm operations, financial management, marketing and record keeping.

This short course is currently being piloted for a moderate fee of GHS 450.00 for the four modules in September 2018. Kindly Contact 0541035469/0200812456/0244046850 for further information/clarification.

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