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Call for International Campus Ambassadors – Federation of African Medical Students Association (FAMSA)

Deadline: March 9, 2018

Federation of African Medical Students Association (FAMSA) has launched the Call for International Campus Ambassadors Listing. International Campus Ambassadors (ICAs) are individuals from campuses who will serve as representatives of the Organizing Committee towards the 32nd General Assembly of the Federation of African Medical Students Association, which happens to equally celebrate 50 years of her existence.

They will be liaison officers, in their resident campuses promoting the General assembly and Scientific Conference and serving as the primary means of contact with prospective delegates from their respective campuses. As an ICA, you will be expected to utilize your campus networks through various students associations and connections, as well as engage in social media campaigns, campus workshop and so on to promote the General Assembly. You, as an ICA, will be the face of FAMSA General Assembly and 50th Anniversary 2018 in your campus!!!


The Federation of African Medical Students Association (FAMSA) is the official single body for all Medical students in Africa. Established in 1968, FAMSA is a project – oriented medical student body recognized by the African Union, and the World Health Organization with her permanent headquarters board hosted by the University of Ibadan Medical Students association, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

FAMSA holds her annual General Assembly where topical health issues are discussed, with students and resource persons presenting papers regarding the theme of the General Assembly. The 32nd General Assembly will be held in West-Africa’s largest city, Ibadan in August 2018. This will bring together healthcare students, professionals and relevant stakeholders from both member countries throughout Africa, and globally.

In addition, workshops are held to discuss the issues that emerge in the papers. The aim of the workshops is also to draft the resolution of the General Assembly. These resolutions are then discussed and adopted at a plenary session. Secondly, the General Assembly provides the opportunity for FAMSA programs in the preceding year to be evaluated, initiate new programs and elect FAMSA executives. These are usually done at the Business meetings during the General Assembly.

Responsibilities of Ambassadors

  • Represent FAMSA in their campus and other health related gatherings.
  • Popularize the concept of the 32nd FAMSA General Assembly and Scientific Conference amongst healthcare students in their campuses.
  • Organise and conduct FAMSA campus information sessions.
  • Encourage healthcare students in their respective campuses to register and pay for the conference.
  • Attend Monthly Video conferences with Vice chairpersons in charge.
  • Provide reports throughout the course of planning to the Vice- Chairpersons in charge.
  • To contribute to proper representation of FAMSA in their respective campuses.


  • ICAs will attend the 32nd FAMSA General Assembly, with conference registration, accommodation and feeding expenses catered for (this does not cover for any flight or transportation to and fro the conference).
  • Profiles for each ICA will be put on the conference website recognizing their commitment towards the Organising Committee.
  • Certificate of stewardship will be awarded to each ICA as part of the Organising Committee of the 32nd General Assembly and 50th
  • ICAs will have the opportunity to build on their communication, leadership, and organizing skills as they network with other ICAs and conference participants.
  • Performance based benefits amongst other incentives.


  • Each prospective applicant must be an undergraduate student of
  • Must be available to work from March to August, 2018.
  • Must be an individual with great leadership skills and must be committed to work under the Organising Committee.
  • Must be influential individuals on their campuses, with and organizing skills, active both on, and off campus environment.
  • Must have strong communication skills, and be able to communicate in written and spoken English language.
  • Must be Tech-Savvy, as communication and correspondence with be via online platforms.
  • Must be an innovative individual ready to create platforms for publicity and promotion of the 32nd FAMSA General Assembly and Scientific Conference.


Interested individuals are invited to complete the online application form.

For more information, visit FAMSA.

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