Busy 4G – The Cheapest 4G Network In Ghana?

Busy 4G is one of the fastest networks in Ghana when talking about internet speed and I’m giving you an even better reason to get one today. 

I have used almost all the 4G networks in Ghana so far and I can tell which one is fastest, which one is the cheapest and which one has the largest coverage. Best, Cheapest And Fastest 4G Network In Ghana

The cheapest 4G network in Ghana right now is Busy 4G. Aside from the fact that their data is cheaper than all the 4G networks, you also get what is called; “Social bundle” on any package you purchase. 

This means that watching YouTube, browsing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, you name it… will not affect your main data bundle. 

You get 100% of every data package you purchase as social media bundle.

Busy data bundles

As you can see the price per package above, its definitely cheaper than most of the 4G data packages out there.

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