Best Places to Surf in Ghana

Are you a beginner or seasoned surfer looking for a fantastic surfing paradise to show your skills and have a good time?

Are you a first-time traveler to Ghana and want to have the relevant information about surfing in Ghana before you arrive? Then you click on the right website, and we will introduce you to the three best surfing spots in Ghana, with their location.

But first of all, we want to tell you why Ghana is a surfing paradise.


Ghana has a long coastline. 539km. It also has a tropical climate and surf waves from the Southern Hemisphere, and there are waves all year round as well.

There are numerous beaches in the country, but three of them stand out when it comes to surfing. They are safe and quieter compared to other beaches, so if you are looking to surf in Ghana today, below are the three places you should consider. There are a few others, but these are the best;

Kokrobite Beach

Kokrobite Beach is a 45-minute drive from Accra and home to Mr. Bright’s Surf School. Even if you want to learn how to surf, you can go to Kokrobite beach to discover.

It also welcomes seasoned surfers. The beach also holds Annual International Surf Day! How fun makes that sound? Kokrobite is the most popular surfing spot in Ghana, and go there one of these days, and you will not regret it.


Busua is the first surf beach located in the western region of Ghana, with gentle waves and clear blue water, and a beautiful landscape overlooking the beach.

Busua is the place to be when you want to Surf as a beginner or seasoned surfer. You can get a surfboard to rent if you don’t have one and there are not many people surfing with you so that you can have the waves all to yourself.

Cape Three Points

Cape Three Point is a 6-hour drive from Accra, a real surfer’s paradise. You are literally in the middle of the earth, and it is a quiet area where there are only a few other surfers.

It is not rowdy at all, and it is one of the best surfing spots in Ghana. You should visit Cape Three points today.


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Whether you are surfing as a sport or for fun, you are welcome to surf in these three spots in Ghana. If you are an enthusiast who only wants to go and watch people surf, you are also welcomed at these locations.

You can get delicious street foods to buy here while enjoying yourself. You can also participate in other beach games like football, tennis, handball, etc.

You can dial 112 on your mobile phone for all emergencies, and it works on all mobile networks. Happy Surfing.

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