5 Things Your Partner Expects You to Do But Won’t Say

Sometimes it is difficult for you to know what exactly your partner wants. You think you know them but there is always something missing, a piece of the puzzle you can’t seem to find.

You shouldn’t wait till your partner explodes and goes “I expect you to know this” or “I expected more from you” before you know what to do for them.

It can be tricky because every human has different needs, but there are a few things everyone can agree on, things we all wish our partners knew, preliminary things we expect them to do for us without thinking twice about it.


Don’t overthink, below are five things your partner expects you to do

Show Respect

Usually, people say that it is men who demand respect from women, but we all know that respect is reciprocal. Your partner expects you to respect them, and they should respect you as well.

Your mannerism and the way you talk and express yourself around them should show that you respect and appreciate them.

Shutting your partner down in public, being narcissistic, and displaying unnecessary acts of possession and jealousy shows disrespect, and choosing whether to stay with someone like that or not, is a no-brainer. You can show respect for your partner in many ways. But the most common is using the words “please”, “thank you” and “I’m sorry”, it’s common courtesy.

People act rudely and when they are questioned, they claim they didn’t know what they did was disrespectful because they lack the maturity to be understanding. This takes us to our next point.

Display Maturity

You can always show maturity by understanding your partners’ values, contemplating each other’s desires, and arriving at a decision that would favor both of you, thinking ahead, and communicating.

Being able to communicate is the highest form of maturity. Don’t leave your partner guessing, don’t expect them to baby you. You decided to fall in love and stay with this person so you might as well act like a mature person around them.

Blame games, acting like you don’t care when you do, sharing details about your relationship with other people (people who don’t even care about you two), and being the lazy partner is a no-no.

Everyone loves a mature and sometimes experienced person. Be that person. If not, stay single.

Know Their Love Language

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Word of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and receiving gifts are the five love languages. Your partner expects you to know his or her love language and guess what?

Sometimes they don’t know it themselves. Everyone loves all of the above languages but everyone has one that is unique to their personality. A post on Instagram says you need to find someone who knows and understands your love language so that you won’t spend a lifetime explaining yourself to them. It is important. When you know this, you can win their hearts over and over again.

Talk About the Future

3 months into a relationship, you can start talking about the future. 3 months is enough to know what you want. If someone loves you, they will be happy to talk and plan the future with you.

What are your and their long-term goals? Are they thinking about marriage? What about children?. Talking about the future with your partner is a form of assurance, it is a way to show that you appreciate them and would want your relationship to go far.

We are no relationship experts but we all know how giddy you get when your partner goes “I’m going to marry you”. The reaction you get to this revelation should tell you how far your partner is ready to go with the relationship.

Don’t Give Up on Them

One of the keys to a successful relationship is when you and your partner don’t give up on each other at the same time.

When you and your partner have a misunderstanding, one always expects the other to make the first move. This is where maturity and respect come in and ego goes. Don’t give up on each other at the same time.

Choose to be the one who makes the first move. Always put your partner first and if he or she is also mature enough, they will also think to put you first in every situation, that is the balance. One person always needs to hold up the fort.


You can’t be a perfect partner, nobody is even perfect but there are things you can do to make yourself and your partner happy in a relationship. We hope you picked up a few things from this article.

Doing the things mentioned above shouldn’t be difficult, especially if you’re doing them for someone you love genuinely. Relationships don’t come with manuals, you will need to maneuver your way through, it takes time and resilience.

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