5 Cool Things to do in Cape Coast  

The historical town of cape coast, the capital of the central region of Ghana, is constantly flooding with tourists and the locals.

The town has many attractions, high schools, forts and castles, and even beaches because of the extensive coastline they possess.

As a visitor or even a Ghanaian living in the capital or anywhere farther than cape, you can do many cool and fun things on your visit to the Cape coast, the second most visited region in Ghana after Volta.


Below are a few of those cool things you can do;

Try the canopy walk at Kakum National Park.

The Kakum national reserve is 20km from the cape coast tow. It is the most visited tourist attraction in Ghana. If you are a nature lover and someone who loves risks, this place is for you.

The reserve is home to hikers and tourists. You will need to walk about twenty-five minutes or more to get to the canopy and walk under a reserve home to elephants, monkeys, and antelopes, among others, who only come out at night.

The canopy walk is one of three in Africa, 1,150 ft. long, and connects seven treetops. The walkway is shaky but safe, the experience can be scary, but once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy it.

If you are looking for something cool to do at cape coast, this is one such.

Visit the cape coast castle.

Does visiting a trading post that facilitated the transatlantic slave trade sound fun? Sure it doesn’t until you get there. It is a very informative tour, and there are many things you can learn here.

This slave castle was built by European traders and used as a trading post for timber and Gold but was later used in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

This castle used to hold enslaved people before they were loaded into ships and sold in the Americas. You will be taken through the process of the trade, where the enslaved people were kept and their living conditions, among others.

This should be fun because of the many things you will learn, and it is an experience you have never had.

Tour the Kotokuraba Market

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The Kotokuraba market is the largest in the central region, booming with major trading stores.

Kotokuraba means ‘crab village’. It is believed to derive from early settlers who made their living from the abundance of crabs in the bay. You can shop for groceries, clothes, street food, and even an item of sentimental value or souvenir to take back with you at the market.

The shopping experience is fun, you will have so many options to choose from, and items have different prices, so you will need to roam a bit to get the cheapest.

Get enough money with you because there are many things you will love to buy from friendly and sweet market women and men.

Visit the coffin workshop.

You will find this coffin shop in cape coast.

They are made to symbolize the deceased passion or even occupation. These unconventional coffins can be carved into all shapes and look like anything you ask for. It’s simply amazing, considering the talent of these people.

You will see coffins carved into a mansion, a large pen or pencil, pepper, and even a mobile phone. You have probably never seen anything like this.

Eat at a local chop bar.

Enough of the hotel breakfasts and expensive lunches and dinners. Get the experience of eating at any local chop bar at cape coast.

Try the famous central region delicacy, ‘Fante Dokunu,’ which is kenkey with fish and gravy, or Fufu with palm nut soup. You can also try ‘fante fante,’ palm oil stew with small fresh fish. You will definitely enjoy yourself since these means are made with love and care even though they are prepared by people you do not know.

Enjoy the new taste, the difference in food textures, and the surprising health benefits you will get from it. After this, you can try some street foods like fried shrimps, octopus, and fried yam with chilled local drinks like palm wine to refresh yourself.

You can also visit the University of Cape coast if there is time, make your way to the Brenu beach along the cape coast/ Elmina road, one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Fun, especially at night. You can also get a city tour of cape coast and Elmina. Don’t forget to buy some bush meat on your way back, neither should you forget a souvenir. We hope you have a good time visiting this historic city.

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