The Top 10 Web Hosting Companies in Ghana – 2019 Guide

I have tried a lot of web hosting companies; both locally and internationally. I usually want to find out how each of their services is. With my experience and expertise, I want to bring to you the list of my top 10 web hosting companies in Ghana.

List of the Top Web Hosting Companies in Ghana


When it comes to quality and speed, has fast servers to hold the websites you want to host. They offer SSDs (Solid State Drives) which is faster and more stable than normal HDDs (Hard Disk Drives) for all of their packages. Not forgetting SSL certificates and free domain names. They can also design your website and manage it for you all year round.

Ultrahost Ghana

I’ve used for quite some time now. They offer one of the cheapest when it comes to web hosting companies in Ghana. Ultrahost also recently introduced their free SSL service for domains hosted on their servers, and a free domain name to go with it.

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DTech Ghana

DTech also has a suite of solutions as far as web hosting and internet technology is concerned. Apart from being one of the best web hosting companies in Ghana, they also offer mobile money payment gateways, bulk SMS, and other innovative applications.

Nakroteck has not been in the system for quite too long as compared to the above. But then they also offer free SSL, free domain, and SSD drives just like most of the others.

Web4Africa has been one of the oldest web hosting companies in Ghana. Though I have not personally used their services before, I think they are worth trying because of their experience in the industry.

Some other notable hosting companies




Kra Host:


Making Your Choice of A Web Hosting Company

No matter how geeky you are, you cannot solve every problem with your website. You may need to research or get support from your web hosting company. Especially when you urgently need it.

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Do not choose a company and regret your decision. make your inquiries well.

You can also look up cloud hosting services and if you need your website set up for free, contact us at

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